Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)


As of January 1st, 2021, yachts under 500 gross tons will no longer be exempt from IMO Tier III.  This means that vessels will have new requirements imposing stringent limits with regards to Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) levels in the exhaust of marine diesel engines.  The requirements will apply directly to recreational vessels with a load line length of 24m or greater.


During this webinar, we will discusses how the new emissions requirements will impact vessels in this size range from a design and implementation standpoint as well as practical ramifications. The main solution being employed, Selective Catalytic Reduction, or SCR, will be the focus. DLBA offers design experience and expectations while MTU will offer greater detail on their solution to this new challenge.

One of the presenters, Christopher Swanhart, has also distributed to an interesting article about this subject in the September issue of Pro Boat. In case you are interested in reading this publication, it can be downloaded here.

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Chris Swanhart
DLBA Naval Architects – Director of Recreational Boats

Christopher grew up sailing just outside of Annapolis and spent a lot of time on the water. After graduating from Old Dominion University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Chris worked in the Aerospace industry for a couple years before coming to DLBA – where he felt right at home. For about 20 years, he has taken pride in being able to build lasting relationships and friendships with many builders of world class yachts. Chris has managed more than 50 new design and builds, including patrol and rescue craft, production yachts, and custom sportfishing yachts.

Website  |  E-mail  |  LinkedIn

Joe Messler
DLBA Naval Architects – Naval Architect

Joe is a New Jersey native, spending most his summers fishing and cruising around the Barnegat Bay. Before graduating from the SUNY Maritime College in 2018 with a degree in Naval Architecture, Joe worked at the Viking Yacht Company where he was first introduced to the recreational boat industry. Starting out supporting design and construction of submarines for the US Navy after college, Joe joined DLBA in June 2019 and has never looked back. Joe enjoys providing technical input with the DLBA team for its diverse range of projects. Deciding to pursue his passions further, Joe is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Ocean Engineering at Virginia Tech.

Website  |  E-mail  |  LinkedIn

Andrew Boyer
MTU America, Inc – Senior Marine Sales Manager

Andrew started with MTU as an intern in 2006, which led to a full-time position as an Associate Engineer. Within a year, Andrew jumped at the opportunity to join the marine sales team and has held numerous positions and responsibilities within the department. Since 2013, Andrew has been focused solely on MTU’s pleasure craft business in North America. Andrew holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Engineering Sciences from Michigan State University.

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