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With over 100 technical and white papers published in some of the most prestigious boating magazines and, in many cases, presented at major conferences sponsored by organizations such as IBEX, SNAME, and RINA in the short 30 years since our founding. Our hope in this library is to release quality and relevant information to anyone wanting to learn about naval architecture and marine engineering.

Donald L. Blount

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Agile Reconfiguration for Ship Auxiliary Systems

Ship performance is dependent upon resources from ship auxiliary systems that include ship electrical, chilled water, low pressure air, and hydraulic systems. Modern control systems have greatly improved ship survivability over traditional man in-the-loop control.

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Running in water makes every boat wet on some level. But, usually, the passengers do not want to experience this wetness. A dry ride is a critical component in a good design, but it is a subjective variable – opinions of the ride can vary greatly.

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Hydrodynamic Design of Planing Hulls

very Naval Architect who designs planing craft has heard of Daniel Savitsky and his contributions to the field of Hydrodynamics. His 1964 paper, “Hydrodynamic Design of Planing Hulls” is an important piece of work that should be in everyone’s toolkit.

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It’s where we carry weight that matters

A struggle with weight is almost universal – whether it applies to our waistlines, our luggage, or our boats. When it comes to a vessel’s weight, it’s not just the weight itself that’s important but also the center of gravity.

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Structural Design of the 100 Knot Yacht

Structural design of the 100 knot yacht

With each yacht’s construction comes a host of decisions that will define the finished vessel. One fundamental decision – and one that will both set the tone for the finished vessel and the build – is basic hull structure. Many factors come into play here, including cost, maintenance, weight, producibility, service life, and tooling.

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Two Speed Gears in Portland, OR Fire Department fireboat

Two speed gears, Impressive results

Two speed gears were introduced commercially in the early 2000s and, although having a relatively small range of application, made a world of difference when used in the right place. The best applications are for very high speed recreational craft, which benefit from the deeper gear to get on the plane, as well as vessels that take advantage of the deeper gear to apply lots of power

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